History at the Stock Exchange

The shares of Wawel S.A. made its debut on the Warsaw Stock Exchange on 11th March 1998. The shares of B series (issue with the preemptive right for the current shareholders) and shares of C series disposed in the public offer, have occurred in trading. The nominal price of the shares was 5 zlotys. In the public offering the shares were disposed at 32 zlotys per one value. On the debut’s day the price of the shares Wawel S.A. was 42 zlotys.

The historical minimum the shares of the Company listed on 4th November 1998, when they cost 14.60 zlotys. But on 7th May 2007 the price of shares reached its historical maximum- one value costs on this date at closing 397 zlotys.

On 17th November 2000 the new stock exchange system WARSET was introduced. The Wawel S.A. shares were qualified to the uniform listing system with the single exchange rate. By the decision of the Management Board of the Warsaw Stock Exchange from 18th April 2001are listed in the continuous trading system.